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Am I Menopausal?

Understand your hormonal journey and discover expert advise
and top tips on how to manage your menopause.

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Today Promensil are exhibiting at the Menopause Matters Conference in Warrington, supporting the Mersey Region Group for Health Training. Lets continue the expert eductation on the menopause #HCP #MenopauseMatters #Warrington #Nurses

Want a natural approach to menopause? Read the blog on this fantastic website, the Latte Lounge. If you havent visited it yet, it's highly recommended for all things healthcare advice, lifestyle and fab offers for readers. Check it out: @lounge_latte https://t.co/z4MKzPLGWd

It’s World Menopause day on 18th Oct. If u r looking for a natural way to cope with your symptoms, have a read of our latest blog by @UKPromensil they r giving 50% off some of their products too.

#worldmenopauseday #thelattelounge #toptipsforwomenover40

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