Hot Tips from Maryon Stewart

Older woman stretching on the floor

This month we talk to Maryon Stewart, a world-renowned healthcare expert who is referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement.

With falling levels of oestrogen, peri-menopause and menopause can be one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life. The side effects of menopause can be uncomfortable, but the good news is there are some natural ways to manage these symptoms and help women reclaim their wellbeing. Read on for my top tips.


Our surveys show that fatigue is one of the most common symptoms at the time of menopause.  Low levels of nutrients, especially iron, magnesium and Vitamin D, can contribute to this, not to mention lack of sleep due to night sweats.

Tips: Do a daily 30-minute session with the science-based Pzizz Nap App, which takes you into a deeply relaxed state and helps to recharge your batteries.  Practice gentle exercise like yoga to restore your energy and consume plenty of iron-rich foods, including organic liver and soya products.

Night sweats

Around 84% of women going through menopause experience night sweats. It can leave them feeling drained from lack of sleep and like a shadow of their former selves.

Tips: Use layered bedclothes, cotton nightwear and keep your bedroom cool at night with a fan, wet wipes and a cold drink by your bed. Avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and hot drinks, as these can all make the sweats far worse. Try Promensil Cooling spray, it draws heat away from the skin, quickly and effectively reducing skin temperature and redness.

Mood swings

According to over 12,000 women surveyed, more than two-thirds suffer from mood swings as they go through their menopause. Many report not feeling in control of their mood, but instead like they have been possessed by an alien.

Tips: Do five aerobic exercise sessions per week to your favourite music to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones.  Make a list of everything you love about your life and all that you are grateful for so that you can refer to it when you are feeling down. Consume wholesome food little and often. Incorporate vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds into your main meals and snacks.

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