Let’s Talk Menopause

illustration, punk background, woman sitting on the floor with pot plants around her, holding onto a tingling foot

Tingling sensation during menopause

Have you experienced tingling during your menopause journey? Tingling sensation is one of the cardiac effects. This symptom is caused by hormone fluctuations impacting the central nervous system. Although not considered one of the main symptoms, it’s still uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this symptom regularly there are some steps you can take to deal …

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Illustration of an older woman with a fictional/abstract depiction of panic tied to her foot

Panic disorder during menopause

Have you suffered from panic disorders during your menopause journey? Panic disorders are characterised by persistent panic attacks and include both physical and mental symptoms such as: shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, being unable to relax etc. Panic disorders can arise or worsen during menopause due to the decline of ovarian hormone levels. This symptom …

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