Managing Menopause Naturally

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This month we talk to Maryon Stewart, a world-renowned healthcare expert who is referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement.

I have been helping women worldwide manage their menopause symptoms naturally for almost thirty years. My science-based programme is very successful, and research shows that over 90% of women who follow the recommendations are symptom-free within five months.

Want to know how?

All my recommendations are based on published medical research to create tools to help you.  There are five parts to my programme which all need to follow to get the best results.


Good nutrition is essential for all women around menopause because what we eat plays a big part in health and hormone function. Research indicates that hormonal balance can be affected by the levels of nutrients in our body and the amount of fat and fibre in our diet.

Research shows that billions of women around the world have nutritional deficiencies.  As we get older, our bodies need to replenish the nutrients we have lost over the years.

Alongside a healthy diet, I always recommend taking a good multivitamin and mineral daily.


Mother Nature’s oestrogen found in plant food will satisfy the oestrogen receptors’ needs in our cells. As its molecular structure is so similar to our own oestrogen, it fools the brain into thinking we have normal oestrogen levels again.  It stops hot flushes and night sweats, occurring due to the brain trying to kick start our ovaries into function. Phytoestrogen has been hailed by many as the natural alternative to HRT and is found in everyday foods like soy, flaxseed, and red clover supplements.


We can’t always achieve all the nutrients we need by diet alone. That’s why I recommend scientifically backed supplements that support your body nutritionally.

For many years I have recommended the isoflavone-rich supplement Promensil, which is a standardised product containing an extract of red clover. It has been through many successful clinical studies showing it helps to replace our falling oestrogen levels at the time of the menopause.  It addresses everything from hot flushes and night sweats to aches and pains, insomnia, low mood, loss of libido and vaginal dryness.


Regular exercise releases the happy hormones called Endorphins which helps relieve menopause symptoms and make it easier to cope with symptoms like irritability and mood swings. Daily exercise routines can help keep your body functioning like normal and boost your metabolism to keep your weight under control.


Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, visual imagery, and mindfulness can relieve menopausal symptoms for many women. They also help improve anxiety and insomnia.  Taking 20 minutes for formal relaxation can make all the difference.

Using these well researched natural tools routinely helps relieve symptoms, leaving women feeling happier, more focused, less irritable and much more like their old selves.

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