A conversation about little leaks


This month we talk to Giggle Knickers, founders of new super-soft, light weight, washable cotton knickers with a hi-tech protective panel that gives you total security without the bulk or bother of disposable pads.

The world has changed so much in the last 50 years. When we were younger, talking about body parts or the things that happened to them was taboo – especially anything below the waist. Our bodies were kept secret. From this oppressive privacy, it’s easy to see how even in our 50s, when the menopause hits the majority of us, we still aren’t talking about our bodies as openly as we should. The problem with not sharing the experiences of our bodies, especially when it comes to the menopause or incontinence, is that it makes it feel like you’re the only one with a problem. EVERYONE goes through the menopause and urinary incontinence is experienced by millions of women around the world. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So, let’s talk

Incontinence – sucks, right?

It can range from a bit of an inconvenience to a life changing problem but ultimately, it’s always annoying and often embarrassing. The great news is that there are some really incredible things available that can actually make a difference, making life that little bit easier and more comfortable.

The first thing you should do (do it now if you haven’t already) is talk to somebody – anybody! From your friends, to your partner, to your mum, and definitely to your doctor. They can tell you more about the things that you can do to improve the condition. This isn’t the case for everyone but for the majority of us, a good physio can help sort out our pesky pelvic floor.

Giggle Knickers

Giggle Knickers were designed to help women who experience different types of incontinence. They hold around 30ml of liquid and are a simple, effective and washable alternative to disposable pads that clog up the planet with mountains of waste. As we get older it’s important to stay active – whatever that means for you. So, if you’ve been putting off any activities because you were worried about little leaks, you don’t have to anymore. Giggle Knickers gives you the security you need to feel confident and comfortable throughout the day. Most importantly, they look like ordinary knickers and are so discrete that no one needs to know if you’ve had a little leak.

Keep talking

Urinary incontinence is a normal way that our bodies respond to life. We shouldn’t feel embarrassed or afraid to speak openly about our bodies and all the things they go through. We all have amazing bodies that change daily due to an extraordinary sequence of biology and genetics. These experiences of change make us who we are. They have the power to unite us all – all we need to do is talk about them.

Find out more at www.giggleknickers.co.uk.