This month we talk with Nicki Williams, an award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker and founder of Happy Hormones for Life. Promensil proudly sponsors the Happy Hormones podcast. Listen Here.

After failing to find any medical help for her health issues herself in her early 40’s, Nicki discovered that she could turn things around using diet, lifestyle and natural supplements. She is the founder of Happy Hormones for Life, helping women of all ages to rebalance their hormones, reclaim their health and feel better than ever. At Happy Hormones, they use state of the art hormone and other health testing to identify the root cause of symptoms so that they can resolve imbalances for good. Nicki Williams recommends Promensil as part of her recommended supplements for the menopause.

Hormone Testing; why it can often be the missing link

‘I’ve tried EVERYTHING, but I still don’t feel right’ is what I hear from many women that we support. If you’ve been suffering from menopausal symptoms, you may have been to your doctor, or changed your diet, or tried a myriad of supplements. And they may have helped. But if you’re not quite feeling your old self yet, you might want to consider investing in private hormone testing.Getting my hormones tested changed everything for me when I was going through peri-menopause in my early 40’s.

It was life-changing. Not only did it enable to pinpoint the exact hormone imbalances that were causing my issues (fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, mood swings, night sweats), but the results of targeting individual hormones just using natural solutions were so amazing that I started to feel better within weeks.

Doctors are often reluctant to test your hormones. That’s because the blood tests they have available to them on the NHS are not that helpful. In the private sector, we have access to state of the art comprehensive hormone tests. Why are they so much better?

  1. We’re looking at urine not blood. In the urine, we can see hormone levels but also hormone metabolites, which shows us how those hormones are processing through your body. This can show us how well your liver is detoxifying your oestrogen, how your cortisol is working to manage your stress levels, and vital clues as to what might be causing your symptoms.
  1. We look at 4 samples over 24 hours. This gives us a daily pattern of your hormone production and behaviour, enabling us to spot any patterns or any weaknesses over a whole day.
  1. We can see all 3 of your oestrogen hormones; oestradiol, oestrone, oestriol. This gives us a more accurate picture of your overall oestrogen levels and which type your body is favouring. This is really useful when assessing where you need hormone support.
  1. We can see your adrenal hormones as well as sex hormones. We know that stress can have a huge impact on your menopause symptoms, so we like to see your adrenal hormone production and behaviour over a typical day (both cortisol and DHEA). This enables us to identify any imbalance and put in the appropriate support.
  1. We get additional information, including key neurotransmitters (dopamine, noradrenalin), B vitamins (B6, B12), glutathione (a detoxification marker) and melatonin (your sleep hormone). These can be very useful in assessing nutrient levels and supplement protocols.

Testing isn’t for everyone, it’s not cheap. But if you’re able to invest in your health, it can often be the missing link in your hormone journey.

If you’d like more information on our testing and support, please contact Happy Hormones.