Managing menopausal weight gain

Weight gain often occurs during menopause and this can be due to several factors related to menopause, genetics and aging. The hormonal changes during the menopause may cause weight gain around the tummy area and genetically, if your parents or other close relatives carry extra weight around the abdomen, you are likely to do the same. Neither can you ignore the fact that as you get older, you also lose muscle mass which slows down your metabolism, if you continue to eat as you always have and do not increase your physical activity, you’re likely to gain weight.

So what can you do to help shift that extra weight and keep your body confidence?

Join an exercise class

Sleepless nights, low mood and fatigue might make it hard to feel motivated to get up and go but exercise can be helpful with not only managing weight gain but also helping you sleep better at night. There are even classes such as MenoHealth that combine menopause support with exercise so you can work out with other women going through the same transition as you.

If a class isn’t your thing, try incorporating a walk into your daily routine or go for a swim in the evenings and enjoy some time out.

Eat healthily

Easier said then done, we know how it feels when you’re feeling low and some comfort food is all you need! Including healthy fruits and vegetables, starchy brown foods and other menopause-friendly foods in your diet will help you feel much better. Of course you should still enjoy the occasional treat – everything in moderation as they say. Alcohol intake should also be reduced not only for weight gain but also as it can be a trigger hot flushes and night sweats.

Find clothes that complement your new shape

Sometimes it’s hard to accept your new shape, especially if you don’t feel confident. But finding clothes that suit your shape or give you your sparkle back can be a great boost. Opt for loose clothing and layers so if you feel a hot flush coming on, you can cool down quicker.

Talk about how you’re feeling

If you’re feeling low or struggling with the weight gain, talk to your loved ones and friends. They will be able to help motivate you or join you in exercising, team up and make the lifestyle changes together.

Although it’s harder to shift weight with age and there is no magic formula, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible, you can embrace a healthier you and manage this new transition ?