New Year… but where’s the old me?

The New Year is traditionally a time for positivity, to set ourselves new goals and get busy making future plans. But for some of the 13 million women in the UK who are approaching or experiencing menopause, the future could be looking a bit bleak as we head into 2019. Research suggests that 60% of them could be experiencing life affecting symptoms, according to

There’s no doubt that the myriad of physical and emotional changes that can occur during this life stage can feel overwhelming. As the menopausal shift signals the end of a woman’s fertility, she could be forgiven for feeling that the New Year feels as much about loss as it does new beginnings. While everyone else welcomes in the new, many 40 or 50 something women will be lamenting the loss of their old selves.

If this sounds like you, we’re here to reassure you that the old you hasn’t gone for good. With the right help, advice and support, it’s perfectly possible to tackle the more unpleasant side effects of menopause and live well and healthy.

By far the best resolution you can make this New Year if you are experiencing symptoms, is to talk about them with other women who are going through a similar experience and educate yourself about different treatment options and lifestyle tweaks. Stay positive, ask questions and own your menopause is our best piece of advice. You might just discover there are more than a few positives.

Get ready to welcome the new you…

  • The end of periods. For some women the end of cramps and leaks is reason enough to celebrate! While your menstrual cycle can become irregular, with the possibility of heavier bleeding during the menopausal years, once over the other side it’s bye-bye to tampons and pads forever.
  • No more pregnancy worries. Once women reach post-menopause, they can have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. Many say this makes it more enjoyable as a result.
  • Bye Bye PMS! While PMS symptoms can temporarily worsen during menopause, as oestrogen levels fluctuate, after menopause it disappears altogether, which is a huge relief for many women.
  • Fewer headaches. Many women suffer from menstrual headaches that are triggered by menstruation and ovulation. Lots of migraine sufferers report their symptoms improve post menopause.
  • Better memory? Around 60 per cent of women suffer a temporary decline in memory during the menopause, according to a study from the University of California. But researchers found that learning capacity returns to pre-menopausal levels after menopause.
  • More sleep? Night sweats can disturb your sleep patterns. Promensil can help keep them under control during menopause and post-menopause 70-year-olds report the fewest sleep complaints, according to an American study.
  • More content. As you transition through middle age you are likely to discover that you to start to care less about what other people think and become more content and confident. After all, experience has taught you how to be your best and it starts with a smile.