Menopause style tips

Our top menopause style tips

Reaching menopause doesn’t have to mean a wave goodbye to your fashion sense. There’s no need to resign yourself to a future of frumpiness and outfits for ‘older women’ either.  Timeless style is the way forward!

Body shape may change around menopause but there’s no need to panic.  Instead, stay positive, take stock and adapt… just a little. There’s no such thing as one size fits all, so figure out what kind of look works best for your body shape and flaunt it.

Make it personal

It’s good to keep your look current, whatever age you are, but it’s far better to find your personal sense of style, rather than chase all the latest trends. Our top tip? Forget fast fashion and invest in decent quality basics you can build lots of different stylish and wearable looks with. Neutral colours are key – they interchange well and layering is another sartorial art to master. Light, floaty layers you can remove are perfect for when the hot flush strikes!

Choose natural fabrics

Natural fabrics, like cotton, linen, silk, cashmere or wool are much more breathable than most commonly used synthetic fibres. They absorb moisture from the skin, so will help you keep your cool. If you are suffering with intense night sweats or hot flushes, look out for moisture wicking fabrics, such as bamboo, which draws moisture away from the skin and out to the exterior of the material where it can be more easily absorbed.

Invest in good underwear

Your underwear is the foundation for everything you layer on over the top, so make sure yours fits perfectly. Even though it’s not on show 24/7, a lovely set of lingerie can make you feelgood when you’re wearing it and boost confidence. As bust sizes will always fluctuate at various times of life, it’s well worth investing the time in a proper professional bra fitting.

Loosen up

If you’re feeling a bit warmer than usual, or have put on a bit of extra weight, body skimming styles are ideal. As a rule, avoid going too ‘baggy’ all over, or you could end up losing sight of your body shape altogether.  Avoid too tight tops, trousers and skirts altogether and create a flattering silhouette with cool, comfortable clothes than hang beautifully. A-line skirts and tunic dresses can be particularly flattering if you are feeling self-conscious about your hips and thighs, while avoiding pleats and choosing skirts and trousers with side zippers will help shift focus from your tummy. If there are things about your body you feel good about, show them off! For example, if you have a particularly good pair of legs, wear flattering trousers, skirts and dresses so everyone can see.


Jewellery and accessories will instantly upgrade any outfit but don’t feel like yours need to be too big or statement making. In fact, if you’re feeling flushed, the last thing you’ll probably want to be wearing is a chunky necklace. A pretty pair of earrings, stylish bracelet or bangle will create the same effect without making you feel too ‘cluttered’. Invest in a floaty scarf and a couple of versatile belts too? They pull in a loose top beautifully and add extra detail to your outfit. You can also take them off easily if you suddenly feel overheated. Another essential accessory is your Promensil Cooling Spray, of course! This light, minty formula is proven to reduce skin temperature by drawing out heat. Keep yours at the ready for instant cooling on-the-go.