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Managing Menopause in the work place

Menopause is a normal, natural life event that occurs around the ages of 47-53 and around 75-80% of these women are in work. Symptoms such as  insomnia, loss of self-confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression can make the most successful of women struggle in the office environment and recent studies suggest that 1 in 4 of these women have considered leaving their jobs during the menopause.   Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, found 70% of women did not make their employer aware they were experiencing symptoms meaning it’s a hard and emotional battle to fight alone.

It is extremely important to talk and raise awareness with co-workers and managers so that they know and understand  the severity of hormonal fluctuations and how it can impact life. It may be that making or asking for minor changes can make a huge difference to your work-life balance. Read our top tips below about how you can make your menopause more manageable and spread awareness this World Menopause Day.

Top Tips for Managing Menopause in Your Work Place

  • Many women experience tiredness caused by symptoms of the menopause , you may be able to take advantage if your work place offers flexi-working hours or the ability to work from home.  This will allow you to manage your working hours more efficiently and allow you to be more productive.
  • Temperature of working environments can be an issue, ask to have a desk fan for those unexpected hot flushes, or try moving to a desk that is near a window that can be opened to cool down.
  • Carry Promensil Cooling Spray in your handbag and leave one in the desk draw. It’s patented technology draws heat from the skin for instant relief for those unexpected flushes.
  • Host a Women’s Health coffee morning at your work place so people can speak openly about their symptoms and experiences, chances are you are not alone!