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Andrew Petrou

Diet, Exercise and Mental Health during menopause

This month we speak to Andrew Petrou, a practising Osteopath and registered Dietary Counsellor based in London. Andrew has over 10 years of experience working in the health and fitness industry, this month he shares some expert advice and understanding of the importance of diet, exercise, and mental health, during menopause. Diet A high-fat, low-fiber

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Let's Talk Menopause

Illustration of women holding her mouth in pain

Gum problems during menopause

Gum problems is one of the many symptoms that can affect women going through menopause. Change in hormones can cause women’s mouths to become very dry. Gums are also more susceptible to plaque, which can lead to infections. This side effect can be very uncomfortable for women, but there are some natural ways it can

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