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Katie Day

‘Managing’ the menopause

Katie Day is a Director of RDP International Ltd and runs workshops for women on the menopause (Menopause Demystified) and for companies on how to support women through this life transition as well as consultancy on workplace best practice. Here Katie shares some hidden truths about the menopause and how much of an impact it

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Did you know that women can experience a 20% drop in bone density in the five to seven years after menopause? That’s why we combine 40mg of standardised Red Clover isoflavones with calcium and vitamin D3 in our aftercare supplements #PostMenopause #Menopause #MenopauseSupplements

Our latest feature on the Promensil Health Hub is all about 'How the menopause affects hair and nails' - read the article on our site #Menopause #MenopauseSymptoms #Beauty #HairAndNails

Night sweats can make sleeping impossible and make the bedtime seem unbearable. Women have found success with Promensil and have had a better night’s sleep.

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