The likelihood is you have experienced bloating before – that tight feeling in your abdominal area. It’s a common symptom of the menopause most commonly associated with peri-menopause.

Oestrogen plays an important role in maintaining the accurate amount of water and bile in the body. As these hormone levels fluctuate, the body is known to store more water, resulting in that uncomfortable bloated feeling. The amount of bile also changes so when you are trying to digest fatty foods, you may experience more wind. Weight gain around the middle area during menopause could also lead to more bloating.

So what can you do to help? There are some simple lifestyle changes you can make though to help with any discomfort so read on to find out more!


You know the saying, you are what you eat! Try and eat smaller meals more regularly to stop your digestive system being overloaded. Certain foods such as broccoli, cabbage and beans can increase gas and discomfort so try swapping these out for other healthy alternatives.  Look to add some gas alleviating items to your diet too such as peppermint tea and citrus fruits.

Keep hydrated

You might think that drinking water will increase the feelings of bloating but in actual fact, water will flush out the toxins that may cause discomfort. Aim to have water throughout the whole day and as part of your meal to ease excess gas and bloating.

Unfortunately, caffeine and alcohol are triggers for a host of menopause symptoms so try and keep these to a minimum.

Stay active

Exercising regularly works wonders for the mind and the body! Cardio exercise such as jogging, cycling and aerobics can help gas move through your digestive system and help reduce water build up in the body.

Gentle exercise such as yoga can also help increase blood flow to the digestive tract and help break down food. It can also help with stress levels which we know can trouble the tummy.

You can read more about menopause and exercise top tips with clinical exercise specialist and menopause personal trainer, Jane Dowling here.

Try a probiotic supplement

Probiotic supplements can keep your gut happy and healthy and balance the battle of good and bad bacteria. Take a look at Bioglan’s range of supplements which may help, they’re offering 30% OFF to Promensil customers until the end of September – simply add the code PRM30 to redeem your discount (offer ends 30.09.20, subject to availability, offer not valid with any other discounts or coupons).

Remember these feelings of discomfort aren’t forever, they will usually settle down during the menopause and simple lifestyle changes can help manage bloating.