Menopause and sore breasts

It’s likely you may have experienced some form of breast tenderness during PMS but this is also a known symptom associated with the menopause as hormone levels fluctuate. Whether it’s a feeling of soreness, discomfort or a heavy pain, it can be unpleasant so let’s look at some ways of helping to deal with it…

Wear the right bra!

This might sound like an obvious one but did you know 80% of women reportedly wear the wrong bra size? 80%! Wearing the wrong size bra can damage the tissue in your breasts and cause more discomfort so it’s important to get measured every six months and find something comfortable.


Vitamins B and E can help with breast inflammation and pain so you could try a supplement or adding more foods to your diet high in these vitamins such as wholegrains, leafy vegetables and nuts.


It has been said caffeine can worsen symptoms so try and limit caffeine consumption and opt for a herbal option instead.


Using some natural oils to massage the area may help relieve the pain and achy sensation or a warm bath or shower may also offer some relief.

It is important to note, if you notice any changes in your breasts it is always worth talking to a healthcare professional for peace of mind.