Burning mouth syndrome and the menopause

This might be one of the more surprising symptoms of menopause that isn’t discussed as much as your typical hot flushes or night sweats. Burning mouth syndrome, what is it and why does it happen?

It has been said that the falling levels of oestrogen and hormonal changes during the menopause can reduce the production of saliva which leaves a metallic taste in the mouth, a burning sensation and/or leaving your mouth feeling dry. There are some simple tips and tricks to help alleviate some of the discomfort.

Keep hydrated

Yes, we are still banging that drum! Our bodies need water for so many things, but it can also help with the feeling of burning mouths or dryness. It will help to keep your mouth lubricated especially if you’re talking non-stop on work calls all day.

Try sucking on some crushed ice too if you are feeling really uncomfortable. Hot drinks might make it worse so stick to cold or room temperature drinks where possible.

Avoid acidic foods

Acidic foods such as citrus fruits can aggravate your symptoms so try cutting these out until any feelings of discomfort or burning calm down.

Take a multivitamin

As well as hormonal changes being the possible cause of burning tongue, a deficiency in vitamins may also be a contributing factor. Add a multivitamin to your routine every day to keep your vitamin levels topped up throughout the year.

Try some relaxing techniques

Stress is another reason why symptoms may worsen, so if burning mouth is causing pain and discomfort it might be stressing you out further. Try some deep breathing techniques, meditation or light exercise such as yoga to help bring calm as well as a much-needed distraction.

Don’t forget to reach out to your GP or dentist, don’t suffer in silence!