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Changes in Libido during menopause

Has your sexual desire changed? Menopause affects women differently with some experiencing an increased sex drive and others a decreased libido. The decline in oestrogen and progesterone hormones can make it harder for women to feel aroused and vaginal dryness can make sex uncomfortable. If you want to stay intimate with your partner read on for our top tips.

Alternative intimacy

If you’re turned off by the idea of intercourse, be open and honest with your partner and together you can explore other ways to be intimate.  This is a time to be open and explore each other’s bodies.

Vaginal dryness

If you’re troubled by vaginal dryness, it can make sexual intercourse painful. Try using water-based lubricants around your vagina and your partner’s genitals. There are also vaginal moisturisers you can buy, which you can put inside your vagina to keep it moist. Try foreplay before intercourse, which will help you feel more aroused.

Increased libido

If you’re experiencing an increased libido then communication with your partner is key. Communicate your desires and set some boundaries together. Try a relaxing activity before bed, such as yoga, meditation, or a relaxing bath.

If you’re still struggling with the change in your libido, speak to your GP or a registered sex therapist who can give you and your partner advice.