illustration, punk background, woman sitting on the floor with pot plants around her, holding onto a tingling foot

Tingling sensation during menopause

Have you experienced tingling during your menopause journey? Tingling sensation is one of the cardiac effects. This symptom is caused by hormone fluctuations impacting the central nervous system. Although not considered one of the main symptoms, it’s still uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this symptom regularly there are some steps you can take to deal with it naturally.


Exercising regularly can improve body circulation, as it improves blood flow around the body and releases tension. The NHS recommends adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Cardio exercises such as running, cycling and swimming is great for your overall fitness. For tension relief exercises such as pilates, yoga and meditation can be beneficial. Varying your routine with a mixture of cardio, strength and restorative exercise will benefit your overall health as well as improving most menopause symptoms.


Another great way to boost circulation is to have a massage. Similarly to exercise, massages can release muscle tension and improve circulation in the body. Talk to your masseuse about your menopausal symptom and where it is affecting you so they can create the best treatment plan.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can heighten many menopausal symptoms including tingling, as it reduces the blood flow around your body. There are many resources that can help you quit smoking such as the NHS Quit Smoking app. There are also free local Stop Smoking Service (LSSS) that offer face to face or phone/ video services.

If you’re tingling sensations increase or if you are worried about your symptoms seek advice from your GP or a Healthcare Professional.