Dizziness and the menopause

Ever felt faint, like the room is spinning or a loss of balance? Yes, dizziness is another symptom of the menopause. The cause? Fluctuating hormones of course!

Changes in our hormone levels during the menopause can affect our circulation and blood pressure which in turn can lead to spells of dizziness or feeling light-headed. If you’re suffering from panic attacks or anxiety too, you may experience some dizziness from these symptoms as your body is working harder in those moments.

To try and manage this light-headedness, make sure you are keeping hydrated – especially in the summer months. Try and limit your caffeine intake as this can give us a quick burst which won’t help with dizziness.

A balanced and varied diet of fruits and vegetables can also help as they’re rich in nutrients and contain water. Having regular snacks and meals throughout the day will help keep your blood sugar levels balanced and may help with dizziness.

If you feel a spell coming on, make sure you sit down or lean against something while you get back on your feet. Take some deep breaths and bring a sense of calmness back to your mind and body before you get up and carry on.

It may even help to take up a regular form of calming exercise such as meditation or yoga. There are some great online events you can take part in such as Petra Coveney’s Menopause Yoga, Maryon Stewart’s Virtual Classes or online events from our guest bloggers Menopause Café.

Dizziness is a common symptom of the menopause, but it is important to note down any long-term changes with your doctor in case it is the cause of other medical conditions such as blood pressure or low vitamin levels.