Menopause Awareness Month – Share Your Story

September is Menopause Awareness Month, an opportunity to educate women about menopause.

In the UK, menopause has been a hot topic in 2019.  Lots of wonderful healthcare professionals and celebrities have highlighted the need to talk about it, and for it not to be taboo.

For example, therapist, coach and menopause expert Diane Danzebrink 52, has been campaigning to improve knowledge and understanding of menopause, and in July it was confirmed that the government has decided to add menopause to secondary school sex and relationship lessons in the UK. A decision Diane described as “an important victory”, but there is still lots to do, and her on-going campaign for making menopause matter in healthcare, employment and education continues. You can join your support and sign the petition here.

Celebrities are also helping to lift the taboo, following on from her tell-all book ‘Confessions of a Menopausal Women’, Andrew McLean has been touring the UK talking all things menopause and sharing her journey, directly discussing the issues many women face during ‘the change’. Meg Matthews is also actively campaigning and openly talking about her own menopause, she launched MegsMenopause, a platform dedicated to breaking the stigma around menopause.

With the average age of menopausal women being 51, there’s no wonder that it’s being talked about more. Now more than ever, women are invited to talk about their experience and seek advice, be it amongst peers or from specialist experts.

There are various treatments available, and women do have choices, it’s important you review all options and understand which treatments and lifestyle changes work best for you.

So, for all the menopausal women out there, join us this month by celebrating speaking out about your menopause. Get together with your girlies, host that much needed catch up and share your stories and take charge of your menopause. Do not suffer in silence!

Top tips from us to take charge of your menopause

If natural is an option you want to try, we recommend Promensil Double Strength and Promensil Cooling Spray to help with hot flushes and night sweats.

Exercise: 30 minutes of exercise each day, not at bedtime though as it will keep you awake.

Relax before bedtime: Read a light-hearted book, listen to soothing music or a bedtime story (the Calm app is great for this)

Make sure your bed is only used for sleep and sex.