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Muscle tension and the menopause

We’re all used to aches and pains every now and then, especially as we age. Menopause also contributes to this due to the imbalance in hormones. Oestrogen balances out cortisol in your body (also known as the stress hormone) so when the oestrogen depletes, more cortisol is released and the extra stress can cause tension in your muscles. You may find the pain is more common in your upper body but it isn’t uncommon to feel pain all over.

It’s always important to discuss any sudden onset of pain with your doctor or healthcare professional but there are also some ways of managing this pain at home naturally.


Light stretching with breathing exercises can really help to reduce stress levels which in turn can affect any pain or tension in your muscles. Why not try an online yoga or pilates class so you have a regular routine?


Low magnesium can cause aches and pains in your muscles so it might be an idea to include a magnesium supplement in your diet to ensure you are getting enough. A commonly overlooked yet vital nutrient, magnesium can help to support muscle health, energy production and help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Check out the Active Magnesium range from Bioglan.

Iron is another vitamin that can cause muscle pain if you suffer from low levels – more common in vegetarians and vegans. Add more iron rich foods to your diet or look for a gentle supplement to help keep you topped up – remember if you take iron with vitamin C, it is better absorbed by the body!

We’ve been hearing a lot about the effects of vitamin D on the immune system recently, but it can also support joint health. Vitamin D is especially important during the winter months when we are getting less from sunshine. Promensil Post Menopause has added vitamin D to help support bone health.

Warm bath or shower

A warm shower or bath can help soothe muscles by naturally relaxing your muscles. If you find the pain is keeping you up at night, a warm bath before bed might help you drift off more comfortably. You could even add some natural oils or bath salts for that extra boost.