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Menopause Pilates…Why is it important?

This month we talk to Dinah Siman – Pilates, yoga and meditation teacher. From her extensive studies and 20+ years teaching experience, Dinah is a strong advocate in helping women who are experiencing menopause. Menopause Pilates is a bespoke approach for perimenopausal and menopausal women. My fun, yet highly effective methodology fills the void that …

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Menodelight – New Online Menopause Shop

This month we chat to Menodelight, an online shop that offers a range of natural menopause wellness products. Among their product lines is obviously Promensil.  The hand-selected products they have truly help to alleviate menopausal symptoms.  Products range from organic skincare to help with dry skin, to plant based menopausal supplements, and even products that …

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Nourishing Yourself Through Menopause

This month we talk to nutritionist Kirsten Chick who over the years has developed a way of applying the science of nutrition and health that encompasses the psychology of eating and how to approach nutrition in a stress-free way.  A self-care plan for menopause might include nutrition, exercise, meditation, herbal support, talking with friends and …

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Hormone Testing

This month we talk with Nicki Williams, an award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker and founder of Happy Hormones for Life. Promensil proudly sponsors the Happy Hormones podcast. Listen Here. After failing to find any medical help for her health issues herself in her early 40’s, Nicki discovered that she could turn things around using diet, lifestyle …

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